Terramera are producing plant-based natural replacements to synthesisers and chemical pesticides. They are using innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence technology alongside bio-information and green chemistry to create organic products made from plants. They have developed a consumer range for pest control like mould and bed bugs, and an agricultural arm to make farming safer and more profitable. Terramera’s vision is to a safer and healthier home and environment.


Their Molecular Delivery Systems Technology targets active ingredients and allows the plants to increase the uptake of natural minerals. This means the results are more efficient and organic, and a safer alternative to chemicals. Terramera want to use this method across consumers, agriculture and business to decrease human use of synthesizers and chemical pesticides by 80% by 2027.


30% of chemical pesticides will be banned and/or restricted by 2020. Terramera have proven that the use of their natural alternatives are more effective and can lead to increased plant health and growth yields, showing they can take the gap in this market.


Terramera raised $22m investment in a round led by S2G Ventures and have won numerous awards for their innovation in cleantech. They have their first successful consumer product line in Walmart across the US.