Increasing numbers of people are shunning dairy for a range of reasons, from health to environmental. Perfect Day is tapping into this demand, by bringing animal-free milk to market. Different to “alternative” milks, such as soya, almond or oat milks, the company instead uses bioengineered microflora to produce real milk protein, achieved by adding cow DNA to microflora cells, which are then fermented to produce whey and casein.


Dairy reinvented, this company is producing animal-free proteins that are the building blocks for a whole variety of products. Dairy proteins are ubiquitous in the food supply, found in every aisle of the grocery store and reaching far beyond the fresh dairy case. Perfect Day offers a better way of making these nutritious proteins – without the help of a single cow. The company is partnering with food brands around the world to bring new, animal-free products to market.


The trend towards dairy-free continues to grow, with some people worried they are intolerant and others concerned about drinking milk from animals which may have been fed steroids, hormones and antibiotics. People are also increasingly aware of the high environmental impact dairy cattle have across the world. Reports show that households containing people aged under 45 are 20% more likely to buy from the free-from ranges. Perfect Day intends to deliver the same nutritious dairy proteins that cows make, while allowing consumers to enjoy their favorite products without compromising on taste, nutrition, or their values.


The company has raised US$26.8M in funding and received its first patent for the use of animal-free dairy proteins in food applications. Perfect Day’s investors include SOSV, Temasek Holdings and Horizons Ventures. Co-founder Perumal Gandhi said: “This funding will enable the company to grow the team, accelerate scale-up efforts, and ultimately, commercialise with a wide variety of partners across the food and dairy sectors.