Opus Medical has developed a “Breathe Well” technology, which helps cancer patients self-regulate their breathing to assist in the accurate targeting of tumours and sparing of healthy tissues during radiation treatment. The innovative technology uses a motion sensor camera to detect breathing patterns and a visual interface to advise cancer patients on how to adjust their breathing in real time. This ensures stable breathing and encourages coaches’ patients to breathe in the right way to move healthy organs – such as the heart and lungs – out of the path of the radiation beam to support more targeted radiation treatment.


Doctors are constantly looking at how to best improve outcomes for cancer patients. Making radiation treatment more accurately target tumours while reducing damage to the surrounding healthy tissue helps this cause.


By 2020, almost half of Britons will get cancer in their lifetime, while global cancer rates could increase by 50% to 15 million. National expenditures for cancer care in the USA could reach $156 billion by 2020.


The company secured a $1.3 million grant from the Australian government’s Medical Device Fund in 2016, and has also received other undisclosed funds and investments from Sydney Seed Fund, Sydney Angels and several other incubators and grants.

Late last year, it secured TGA and FDA approvals, enabling Opus Medical to sell its Breathe Well device in Australia and the US.