Memphis Meats is producing lab-cultured meat, which offers a sustainable option to the world’s growing demand for cheap meat and dairy. This start-up can produce up to 10,000 cows’ worth of meat with just a single biopsy, and no cruelty to animals.


Usually it takes a beef cow 18 months to grow. Not only is this time consuming, it’s also a waste of land, water, and food. To produce one pound of meat requires a staggering 1,799 gallons of water.  Factory farming also uses more than half of the world’s arable land, and is one of the largest drivers of global deforestation. In contrast, lab-cultured meat grown from cells offers a sustainable option to our growing demand for cheap meat and dairy – creating meat that used to take 18 months in just two weeks.


It’s estimated that there are over 30 million beef cows in the US alone. Livestock is currently responsible for more than 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture sector.


The company has raised $20.1m through five funding rounds since it launched in 2015. Tyson Foods, the world’s largest meat producer, has invested – as too have Bill Gates and Richard Branson.