2.5 billion people in the developing world lack access to safely managed sanitation, increasing the risk of disease. The ‘Roso’ toilet has been developed by Loowatt, an outdoor sanitation solution that is used by communities particularly in Madagascar. Loowatt provide safe, clean toilet servicing without the use of water or chemicals. 


Loowatt provide a lifeline to the community as the waste is then recycled into biogas, electricity and fertiliser. The waste is treated through anaerobic digestion making it safe to use. As well as the Roso, Loowatts original mobile loos are still touring the festival circuit in the UK, with Thames Water providing their energy-generating infrastructure.


Sanitation is a massive issue around the world, but there is also the equally global problem of water shortage. It is estimated that 65% of the world will be under water-stressed conditions by 2025. In response, they are already developing a home-version of the Roso to reduce our water usage as well as assist with the sanitation of growing urban cities.


Loowatt received £1.2 million from Bill Gates Foundation for their pilot of the toilet, and installed 70 toilets in Madagascar’s capital. They have had demands for the Roso in Africa and South East Asia, and are looking to scale up soon.